Monday, 5 April 2010

A Midsummer Nights Dream

Last summer I had a beautiful dream.

It was a gloomy autumns day and I went in to a big, white mansion
out on a field. I can't really remember what I was doing there,
but I think I had a doctors appointment of some sort. No one was in
there, so I had a look around. I went upstairs and there were a lot
of closed doors there, and I decided to try one of them. It was locked,
but I felt that I just Had to get in there, don't know why. I put my
hand in front of the door and white sparks came out from my fingers and
the door opened. I took a few steps inside the room, and it was a big
wooden decorated room with a balcony.

I went out on the balcony and climbed up on it so I was standing on the
edge. All of the sudden I heard music. I spun around to see if someone else
had entered the room and had put on a record player, but no one was there.
So I gazed out in to the forest that was before me, and I realized that
it was the trees that played the music.

It was so beautiful, and I felt every muscle, every nerv in my body vibrate.
I couldn't stand still, and I danced to the music without losing my balance.

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