Sunday, 4 July 2010

black butterflies

i've just re-lived my first uni year
in pictures.
i'm making a year book filled with memories.
going through all the thousands of
images i've been taking since September 2009
has made me nervous,
and right now i have 3939873 black butterflies
flying around inside of me,
making me sick.
but happy aswell. happy about myself.
i look at all the people i've met throughout the year,
and i look at myself and i see how much i've changed.
how much stronger i am now.

i get to start fresh this september, and i will.
i miss England and the life i've created there.
i miss the person i am when i'm there.

and i need to make a promise to myself:not to let Anyone stand in my way.
i need to remember that I can't be with someone
as long as I don't know who I am.
i made a mistake last year, something i don't want to
do again.
if it doesn't feel 100% right straight away that is.

give me fire.

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