Monday, 19 July 2010


it makes me sad that some of the people I have around me
gets angry with me and laugh in my face when an argument
about racism and xenophobia comes up.
i'm wrong sometimes, and I know that, I always admit it.

but why do they start an argument with me about these subjects,
when they know what I think of it,
and then gets angry/annoyed when I'm not siding with them?
is it defense?

like when people say "i can honestly say that I could NEVER fall in love with a black person!"
I get a bit confused and irritated when people say that.
of course you have different taste in people,
so do I.
but why say the word "never" when you don't know what's going to
happen in the future?
the other day, we had an argument about this matter.
i got a bit angry, and my words were missunderstood.
in return, the person I had the argument with just laughed at me
and I had to explain what I meant, and in the end give up,
because we were going nowhere.
i felt really embarressed and I still feel a bit anxious.
for what reason?
well, I think it's because I didn't stand my ground.

I cheated on myself.

i want to go back to Edinburgh.

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