Sunday, 4 July 2010

okey, Xenophobia

Sverigedeomkraterna (Sweden Democrats) are very
particular with the difference between "racism" and
"xenophobia" (like someone else i know),
because they want the angry, and confused youth of
Sweden to vote for them.
and they wouldn't if they called themselves "The Swedish Racist Democrats".

I have difficulties with parting the two words,
because their underlying meaning is essentially the
same: racists/nazis are afraid of what's different from them,
and can't bear the thought of people with different ethnic
backgrounds or a different skin colour (or sexual bent for
that matter) to speak their mind, eat our food,
live in our country, or even something as simple as
having the right to live.. To walk on this earth!

and that is what xenophobia is all about - fear!

the funny thing about racists and nazis is that they would
never confess their fear..
they like the simple explanation "hatred". just hate.
and then they throw in a few "bigger" words like social-welfare,
and joblessness.
if you stop hating so much, and actually got off your
high, LAZY, horses, and went down to the closest job centre to
actually look for a job,
your life would get much better and so the social welfare.

so, all you xenophobic people out there..
don't fear the unknown,
be curious and explore,
and you will learn so much more about the people around you
and yourself.

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