Saturday, 1 January 2011


The first day of the new year.
I have promised myself to take a photo everyday and post it here on the blog
and on Facebook & Flickr, with an attached text, to keep myself creative and for
my own memory - I have a big need of remembering everything that I do, and
photography is a good and important way of remembering (in my opinion).

You can take one photograph of a specific happening or whatever you want, and when you
then later on look at it, all these other memories from that day will start to pop
That is beautiful.

I took this photo today of Thom in a museum for old planes in Västerås, where I had
a shoot with the band Shallow Sense (, after a night filled with New Years resolutions and wine in Stockholm.

2011 will be a good year: new uni projekts, a lot more of my personal projekts, more time for myself, moving in with my love, field/study trip to Berlin, hopefully a trip to Barcelona.. Yes, good.

Happy New year everyone, have a good one.

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