Thursday, 13 January 2011


i like the woman who's standing in the corner.. she almost looks transparent, like
a ghost. she stood there for a good 5 minutes and then just left.

i went into town today to hand out some cv's.
vision express was looking for a leaflet distributor; not too hard, so I applied.
the woman in there said that all I needed was a National Insurance number
and she could get me some hours.
a fish&chips shop needed a waitress; i applied for that one as well. but the manager
was very rude, so i don't think i'll go back there.
a woman's clothing store needed a sales assistant; i went in there and she said that
all she needed was my uni schedule (so she can plan out what hours to give me)
and she can get me started.
she had had another (lovely) swedish girl working there before, so she likes swedes,

now i'm in Thom's room, editing some photos.
going to the cinema tonight. have no idea what we're watching.

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