Friday, 21 January 2011


My 100th blogpost - cool.
Was going to do some sketchbook work in the library, then browse through farnham's charity shops and ask if I could possibly buy or borrow a mannequin for an upcoming shoot, and then
go back home.
instead i recieve a phonecall regarding our abusive housemate, and the problems piled up again.
so instead of doing what i planned on doing I had to sit in a meeting and try to sort everything out.
police, landlady, uni.. everyone's involved now. it never ends. and it's so stressful.

anyway, i took this photo whilst waiting for ozzie, because the lady in the photo reminded me of my old job as a restaurant assistant in a school restaurant, and I'm so grateful that I don't work there anymore.
and I liked the colours of all the chairs and the fruit.

now i'm going to make me and T a roast dinner and then sit down with Ozzie and write down the last 4 months happenings so this thing can come to an end!

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