Saturday, 22 January 2011


A group of people standing outside McDonalds who doesn't want people to eat puppy meat.

Me and T went to London today - Soho to be exact.
I needed to get out of F-town for a while, and I wanted to go somewhere big with a lot of people that I can take photos of.
No better place than London for that.
I lost my railcard on a tubestation somewhere with my day travelcard and got really upset.
2011 isn't treating me very well so far.
I wanted to go and see Black Swan but we would have to wait 2 hours for that, so we took the train back home instead.

It doesn't matter how long or how short I stay in London, I'm always knackerd when I get home.
I wonder how I'll manage to live there next year. I'll get used to it I guess.

I'm going to spend the rest of this evening working on my sketchbooks and maybe create a Facebook ad for my photography page.

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