Sunday, 23 January 2011


Someone left their family photo in the bushes..

I took a walk into town today. Went to see Nicole at work and had a coffee.
And then I took the bus back home again. I had my camera around my neck
as usual, and the busdriver asked "Have you been taking photos?" and I said yes.
He then asked "Are you a professional photographer then?".. I hesitated for a
second before I said "I'm a student."

When I then sat down on the bus I thought to myself: When can I start calling myself
a professional? Is it when you get paid for what you do? Or when a lot of people admire
your work? Or when you run your own buisness? Or when you have a lot of expensive
equipment? Or if you take a "professional approach" on what you do?

I take my photography very seriously, and I spend a lot of time on it - no matter
what it is.
And I do get paid for what I do - sometimes.
I have people who follows and compliments my work.
I have nice and precious equipment,
and I would not want to do anything else than to take photos for the rest of my life.

I consider myself a professional photographer, but am scared to call myself that in
public.. I really don't know why.
It feels safe to say that I'm a student, but what i have noticed is that people won't
take you as seriously as if you would call yourself a freelance photographer. Like
the busdriver today, who laughed a little when I said I was a student and said "I
thought so".

Maybe I should start calling myself a "self-employed" photographer? That's basically
what i am.
Even though I do start a new job as a photographer for a webiste very soon (more details
and a link tot he webiste will be posted as soon as it's all up and running).

Tonight I'm just gonna relax with T, watch Jurassic Park and get some rest; for tomorrow
I will start to organise my days in a way that I've never done before.

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