Friday, 28 January 2011


The beauty of a student house..

Today I woke up early and heard the birds sing and the sun was shining. Awesome!
Got me in a really good mood - perfect for my interview at Waitrose (where I certainly needed
all the energy I could get; 2 and a half hours of icebreakers and group work.. heh.)

I have a lot going on now, which is good! It keeps me motivated and creative.
First, it's these two competitions I've entered; both results will be revealed in February.

This "Commission An Artist" thing, that I hope will get me some extra money soon.

The shoot yesterday which was originally for an online magazine , but I've decided not to suggest it as an editorial for this month - i'll do it next month instead - instead I'm submitting it to this blogger's project "Twelve" (which you can find here ).

On Wednesday I have a shoot with my friend Rebeka, whom I met when I was doing my uni documentary project about her (you can see the final images here ) and her function band. Should be good!

And finally, on friday, me and my class are going to Berlin on a study trip. How exciting!

Tonight I'm gonna make me and Thom some soup and have some wine. Have a good friday!

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