Monday, 3 January 2011


"I love you and I love you and I love you"

And it grows stronger everyday.

He couldn't sleep because he didn't want to leave me.
I couldn't sleep because he was going to.

Sad moments at the airport today.
I was whining and crying and complaining and then I felt
stupid for making him feel stupid for leaving to do
something that he loves.
What a fucking mess.
It's so silly, it's not very long at all until he comes back to England.

I just don't like when people leave.

It was sunny today but freezing cold. And I had to wait extra long
for every train and bus I took today.
At least the train company paid for our taxi to the airport this morning;
£200 for a taxi. NICE.

Every person that walked in my direction spoke to me today.
One wanted to know if he was allowed to take the 12.05 bus when he
really had paid for the 14.05 bus.
Another wanted to know a whole lot about the train back to my hometown.
A third was a old man who told me that he used to live in the city, but now
he's living on the country side with all the wolves and other wild animals,
and nasty crows who scares his cat by biting him in the tale.
The fourth one didn't say anything, but he was following my every move,
always looking in my direction, and even changed seets on the bus to sit next to me.

I always get angry with myself when I don't ask these people for a portrait,
or engage in a longer conversation.
But I'm too scared. And I'm also too Swedish to talk to strangers (sadly. Will
get better at it!)

So, interesting day today. A sad one, but also a inspiring one.

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