Monday, 31 January 2011


Chilli and Sam in the quad before our briefing for our new project "The City".

We got our brief and introduction/preparing for the Berlin trip this friday :D
I'm really excited now, because it's basically a self-directed street project. Which should be good!
We sorted out rooms at the hostel as well.
We have our first tutorial tomorrow, and then we just have to wait for Friday to come.
It's going to be a week filled with photography, exhibitions (Nan Goldin-exhibition CHECK!), Germans and partying. Amazing.

I did a casting call on ModelMayhem as well, announcing that I'm going to Berlin and wants to
do a shoot while I'm there, so hopefully someone will get back to me.
(yeah, I definitely need to make a blog that's ONLY about photography..)

Something that is ridiculous is that I now have to walk around the whole uni to avoid one single
person because I'm scared of him (I'm referring to the assault incident that happened in my house a couple of weeks ago).
I don't want to walk around and be scared of getting nasty words thrown at me, or evil looks. But I guess I just have to get used to it. He haven't actually done any of those things yet - I'm just scared that he might.

Aaaand, I've been looking at houses in Guildford for next year.
Me and T have been talking about moving to London, but since I'm still only going to be in my second year (and therefore need to be in at uni almost everyday of the week) by that time,
Guildford would be a better choice.
So hopefully we'll find something.

Now I really need to get my ideas down in my sketchbook for tomorrow's tutorial.

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