Thursday, 6 January 2011


I'm building a wall around myself, that keeps all the good things outside.

What do I want to achieve this year?


- Finding my way back to my passion for photography (like the one I had before I came to uni)
- A new portfolio (that only holds new images).
- My own personal project every week (with research books and all that).
- Taking part in more online photography competitions.
- Going to more exhibitions in London.
- Networking (I'm really bad at this and really don't know how to do it. But I'll try)
- Develop every idea I have until I've got the image I saw in my head.
- Get more active on the photography communities of which I'm a member.
- Analyse my own and others photographs more.


- Stop being so angry and miserable all the time (by going to the gym and release all that anger).
- Smile more!
- Follow my OWN dreams (not others).
- Accept things and people that can't be in any other way.
- Love more!
- Stop being so fucking lazy and actually do all of these things.

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