Saturday, 15 January 2011


how sad is it really, that I find it "interesting" to see what a party is like when you're sober?
is it this i've come to? dependent on alcohol to have fun?
well, yes. ever since i started drinking when i was 13 i have always lived by the fact that "you
can't have fun at a party without alcohol".
i am 23 in 2 months. 10 years of alcohol. bloody hell.

i don't want to be dependent on alcohol anymore, hence the detox month.
don't you just love to wake up on a saturday morning and NOT be hungover?
instead you can do something more productive with your day instead of just lying in bed all day.
go to the gym perhaps.
or do some uni work.
go out on a photo walk.
pretty much anything.
and feel GOOD.

i want to remember.
not be the one who's saying "how fun was last night?!?! i can't remember a thing!"

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