Saturday, 8 January 2011


More and more young people start using drugs.
And I have NEVER seen so many young people doing drugs as in the UK.

Maybe they feel a little depressed; their girlfriend or boyfriend dumped them,
or their parents split up, or they push themselves too hard.. Hates their looks
or whatever.
So they start to look for a way to escape themselves. Alcohol, weed, shrooms..
Easy accessible drugs that makes them relaxed or happy.
Or, maybe they just wants to experiment with the forbidden fruit. Try to find
a faster way to total bliss or creativity.

We blame them. Wholly and fully. Especially the old people who loves to blame
it on the "fucking kids who don't do anything right. When I was young..." and blah blah.
We also blame the parents in some cases. And that's fair enough. I mean, a kid who
has loving parents and everything he/she wants can't grow up to be a drug abusing


I don't think it really matters if you had a bad upbringing or not. You choose your life for yourself, and if you want to live a life high on drugs, you do it. And you don't care if it hurts the people around you.

But what about the leagal drugs? Such as alcohol, antidepressants, morphine, and other
(prescribed) drugs..
The latter example is something that I've been thinking about a lot.
Let's say that you feel a bit down and wants to go and talk to someone. You get an
appoinment to come and talk with an "expert" of feelings and underlying meaning.
You explain the situation. But because this "expert" can't really be bothered with
kids feeling a bit down, he/she gives you some pills to take 2 times a day to calm you down.

And I wonder: how the FUCK do you think that teenagers are going to look at drugs after that?
"As soon as you feel a little bit down, take two of these and you'll be fine." ?!?

What I wanted to say with this blog post I don't really know.. Maybe that we can't trust anyone else to help us (or give us a push to continue)? We can only help ourselves, and we only have ourselves to blame if it gets fucked up.

But don't call yourself an expert if you're just gonna throw a package of pills in the face of a depressed teenager. Then you only have yourself to blame if that same teenager robs you on a dark street of London, fucked off his face.

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