Wednesday, 12 January 2011


I'm in Thoms' bed, feeling rather.. I don't know, lifeless.

He is so good to me,
and I feel that I lose more and more of my passion for photography
the more time I spend at this uni.
I don't know what's wrong.
It should be the other way round right?
Maybe it's because I don't do my own stuff as much as I could when I
wasn't in uni (as stated before).

He asked me "you're not leaving are you?"
I can't leave. I have nowhere else to go.
I want to travel, but I have no money.
And I want to finish this degree, because it's good to have one.

I'm just a little bit tired ATM.

those were the glorious photography days..


robin andersson said...

what happened to those ? i miss your fab photos ;( now it looks like all iphone photos...

S said...

I know :( I just don't have time to be as creative all the time anymore! But I'm gonna get better at time manegement, and now when it starts to get lighter outside for longer it's going to get easier :D

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