Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I have photos from today, but they're nothing exciting, so I decided to show a photo from the Jaeger London show instead. I loved this model, she was so pretty and always came out in the coolest outfits!

Haven't done much today, other than sleeping and finishing my PowerPoint presentation for monday's deadline.. Not too sure about it though, so I'll have to work on it during the weekend in Exeter. It's Thom's birthday on sunday, so we're going to meet up with his family for a meal :)

Need to sleep now, but since I slept for too long today and aren't tired, I think I'm gonna watch Paranormal Activity 2 instead.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


This is an outtake from today's shoot with designer Margo Chamberlain. It was a great shoot; very simple set up, but I think that suits this kind of shoot perfectly (it is the hats that's the most important thing here after all).
The model was very easy to work with, and we all got along really well (I think we spent more time drinking coffee and talking than actually taking photos, haha!).
I got paid as well, and that's always a plus :)

I was so tired when I came back home (I stayed up really late yesterday, editing photos from London Fashion Week, and didn't hear the alarm this morning) so I had to take a 2 hour nap, hehe. So I've just started to go through the images from today.

I'm going over to a friend's house soon to drink some wine and do work!

I've uploaded some photos from the Jaeger London Spring/Summer 2011 show on Flickr now. You can see them here .

Monday, 21 February 2011


Work work work. And some more work. The image above shows my Berlin images for the City Project.
I'm going through all my finished photos from both Berlin and London, laying them out on the floor to see which ones work together, what order they should be in, if I should mix them or keep them as a clear LONDON/BERLIN division etc.
Also trying to figure out a title.
Deadline is next monday, so this week is all about this project.


I have a shoot with designer Margo Chamberlain tomorrow - she designs the most beautiful hats, and now she's looking to sell them on her webiste (will link to her as soon as the images are up) so she put together this shoot with a agent represented model, and I got the honour to be the photographer. I'm very excited about this and think the images will look great when we're done!
She has about 20 hats that she wants me to photograph, so she's scheduled the shoot to 4 hours.

Me and Thom have also gone through our finances and have made a budget we need to follow very strict now! We have NO money at all :s
I'm gonna have to get a job ASAP and I'm also gonna try and sell some of my prints (if any of you are interested in buying one from my portfolio let me know!). I'm sure we'll be fine, it's just very stressful knowing that you don't have any money to live off.

Oh, and I went in to the college office today to speak to them about the (clear) mistake they've made: sending me a letter saying that I haven't handed in the studio project, so I now have to do a retake. Even though I handed it in, got slaughtered in the assessment, and then got my feedback sheet with the mark on it saying that I passed.
I showed them the feedback sheet and the letter they sent me, and they said that the unit leader had signed a letter saying that I didn't hand it in.. WTF?!
They said they would speak to him and that I should ignore the letter for now.. I hope they sort it out.

Anyway, I'm gonna go through some of the Catwalk photos now, and then go to sleep. Early start tomorrow!

Sunday, 20 February 2011


Press pass. Hell yeah!

What a loooooong but good day! Got up at 7am so I'm pretty knackerd now. But it was worth it.
Thom came with me, and I dragged him around London so i could finish my City project. Took some images of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, and then the National Gallery. I really like them, so I hope my tutor will say that they go well with the Berlin photos in my tutorial tomorrow.

When I was done we met up with Thom's friends and walked (rushed) to Somerset House. I was a bit late, so I really thought they would start without me (it clearly said in the papers we were given that it was VERY important that we were on time because of the tight schedule), but it was fine; they hadn't started yet. Puh.

After I signed all the papers and got my press pass there was a whole lot of waiting. One and a half hours waiting to be exact. But we got some good advice from Professional Photographer Magazine's editor, and he said that he's really thankful that so many turned up because the standard of the competition entries were really high, and a guy from Canon gave me some tips on what settings to use during a Catwalk shoot (thanks for that, it was really helpful!).

The show started at 7pm and was over at 7.20pm. Very quick, but it was fun! Really a great experience and I got many photos that I'm really proud of. When I was on my way out I stopped to thank the editor for this opportunity, and said that I got some really good photos. And he said that I should upload them to the magazine's website, and "we'll se what happens"! Maybe (hopefully) someone with jobs will see them (hehehe, dreaming).

I'll show some of the photos at a later date, but right now I have to go through the City project photos and sleep.


All prepared for London tomorrow. Going in there at 10am, find some buildings I want to photograph for the City Project, then meet up with Thom's mates and then go to Somerset House and get down to buisness. Exciting!

Today has been a very stressful day. Mostly because of money. I have none. And the bills are getting way too expensive now that 2 of our housemates are leaving, the rent is too much and I don't have a job. Great.
I also got a letter from the uni saying that I haven't handed in the studio project and that my mark is 0%.. WTF?! I have a mark sheet saying that i clearly passed.

This is making me so stressed. Fuck.

Saturday, 19 February 2011


it's so misty almost every night.. i really should plan a shoot with a model in the mist.

Ah, didn't have ANY time to update the blog yesterday.. I was in uni until 5pm, and then had to rest for a bit before I went to a friend's house for a few drinks. I wanted to go to the SU with them, but I didn't feel very well so I decided to go home and sleep (=watch a horror film directed by a guy who graduated from UCA. 'Monsters', quite a good film).
I think that was a good decision, since I have to get up early tomorrow morning and go to London; finish my City Project and then head of to Somerset House and London Fashion week.

I'm not at all nervous at the moment. I'm quite surprised with myself, I Always get nervous before things like this. And this is a HUGE opportunity for me (in my opinion), it's something that could really boost my career if I'm lucky. I'll probably get very nervous tomorrow though.

Thursday, 17 February 2011



Today has been a long, but satisfying day. Went in to uni early this morning to write a project
proposal, and then had a tutorial.. My tutor Always asks me to share my ideas last in a group tutorial.. No matter what direction he might go, clockwise or counterclockwise, he always changes direction when he gets to me. So I always have to sit there for longest and be nervous about speaking in front of people.

Anyway, needed to change my idea for the self directed project slightly, because my tutor said that since it's such a personal project that's mainly aimed for myself, it might get boring for others to watch. So I had to find a way to engage the audience. I think I came up with something good. Only time will tell.

Then I had a InDesign workshop which proved to be very useful - what an amazing tool for making your own books!

Very tired and hungry which left me in a bad mood when I came home, but that changed fast when I went through my emails, and saw that my image "Summer" had won Professional Photographer's 'Shoot the Catwalk/London Fashion Week Competition" !!! :D So now I get to go to Somerset House in London on Sunday to shoot the Jaeger London show! How amazing? VERY amazing.

Professional Photographer's "Shoot the Catwalk/London Fashion Week Competition"

So, the magazine 'Professional Photographer' had a competition where the prize is to go to London this Sunday (the 20th of February) to shoot the Jaeger London Spring/Summer 2011 Catwalk show and rehearsal.

I entered with this image

And today I received an email from Eleanor O'Kane (Deputy Editor, Professional Photographer Magazine) saying that my entry was successful and that they chose my image from "over 150 images".


I'm amazed. And SO happy. This might just be the breakthrough I've been working so hard for. Maybe. I just need to do a damn good job first. And network witht he other photographers/models/stylists/designers/other creatives there.

I wish that I'd got my buisness card sorted before this... And my portfolio. Oh well.


Wednesday, 16 February 2011


My last day as a sick person (I hope!)
Haven't done much today either, just concentrating on getting better.
Except for the walk to the garage with Thom (where today's image is from).

I'm feeling rather trapped. I want to do something that opens me up again.
See something new.
Get inspired and awed.
"None of these boys can dance
Not a single one of them stand a chance
All of them girls a mess
I've seen it all before, I'm not impressed

None of them get my sex
None of them move my intellect
None of them work for me
None of them make me feel anything

I'm so bored in this town
Take me away from here
Play some kind of new sound
Something true and sincere
I've got a little girl singing on repeat in my head

None of dem get my stance
None of dem do it like I can
None of these chicks got style
None of these drugs get me high

None of these beats are raw
None of these beats ever break the law
None of them kicks go boom
None of them bass lines fill the room"
(Robyn - None of Dem)

So true.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


God, I'm so ill. If I wasn't this ill, I promise you that you would get more interesting things to read about and better photos to look at (I like this photo of Thom though).

I wanted to stay in bed all day, but had to go in for a tutorial. It went well, I got some clarity on what I should do for my city project and got to see some really lovely images taken by other people on my course. Everyone's so talented!

What I need to do now is plan a trip to London this weekend so I can continue my city project, I also need to do a LOT of research for it and my self directed project, I also need to prepare for the shoot with the designer which is coming up in a week.

Another thing I wanted to share with you is this:
My friends from the band Shallow Sense ( ) have used me as their photographer since 2008, and now when they're about to release their new EP (which has my images on the cover, back and CD) they've released a YouTube teaser with my images as a slideshow. You can see the teaser here .

I think you all should click on the link and have a look - they're an amazing band, and i feel so privileged to be their photographer.


Valentine's day.
Woke up feeling as ill as yesterday, but had to go in to town to buy some lovely flowers for Thom :)
Then spent the rest of the day watching True Blood, and pub with Thom.
Met some strange, old man who's lived in Farnham all his life.. WHY?!?!?!
Anyway.. I feel as if this blog is coming to a dead end.. I'm too stressed to write meaningful thoughts on here everyday that goes with my photos.. I'm not too sure what to do.
I want this blog to be a way for me to remember each day (I'm just too lazy to write it all down) but I also want an "artistic blog" where I can post my good photos and "deeper" thoughts..
Something to think about.

Sunday, 13 February 2011


I woke up feeling like death. Partly because I went to the pub yesterday with Ozzie and Nicole, and partly because of the sore throat and fever.
So, all I've done today is watching True Blood in bed. Not very exciting. Managed to take "self-portrait" in the window.

Saturday, 12 February 2011


It was SO warm and sunny today, and there are flowers by the uni!! Spring :D

I had a meeting with the designer this morning regarding a shoot on the 22nd of Feb - Her hats are amazing!! I'm looking forward to this shoot, I think it could turn out great!

I then went to the library to do some work, but didn't stay long. After coming home from Berlin, and getting some sleep and rest, I woke up with a sore throat and an acing body :( Will probably get very ill soon.. Don't have time for that!

Ozzie just came over to Thom's, and now we're waiting for Nicole: we're celebrating that our housemate is moving out on monday.. YAY!!


This is the postcard Jan von Holleben signed for me :))) (He's amazing!)

Yesterday I promised myself I wouldn't do ANYTHING today; just lay in bed, watch some films and rest.
And that's basically what I've been doing: watched three films at home, then went over to Nicole's to watch another one.
Now I'm drinking beer with Thom who's excited about some very good news regarding his film career :)

Meeting a Hat designer tomorrow morning to discuss an upcoming photoshoot, then it's going to be library and research all day (and then finish it off with a small party in my house!)


I am SO behind on posting - I blame it on travelling and lack of sleep.

Back in England now. Was sooo tired last night when I finally got to lay down in T's bed - Oh how I've missed that!
Our last few hours in Berlin was good though. We went to the Holocaust Memorial (see photo) to honour all the people who got murdered the war. Damn all the school kids who was running around, screaming and not showing any respect.

thank you Berlin, you're cool - But OH England, I've missed you! (Now I'm planning my next trip abroad - I can't stay in the same place for long!)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Our last day in Berlin. I can't wait to go back to England tomorrow. It's nice here, but
it's not my kind of city. It has a lot of history and interesting places, which I like, but...
Well I guess if I went here alone just for the interesting places it would be fine. But it
feels like it's been more of a "booze trip" than a study trip..
Anyway, we went to meet photographer Jan van Holleben (, and he showed us his studio which is very close to our hostel and talked about his work. He was really nice and signed a postcard that he gave out for free!

We were suppossed to go to the Holocaust Memorial as well, but we're doing it tomorrow instead when it's light outside.
A lot of people want to go out tonight, but I'm not travelling hungover again, haha.

Anyway, it's been an interesting trip, but I'm more than ready to go home now.


(A late post that was suppossed to be published yesterday, but I had to much to do so I'm posting it now instead!)

We walked around our part of Berlin (Mitte) and tried to find the Berliner Dom and the Bookburning Square.
We found both, but the Dom we didn't really want to go in to because it was just praying scheduled, and the Bookburning Square was closed.
But I got some nice photos, and I changed my idea AGAIN.
I really have no idea what to do with all the photos I've taken, I have to go into London and continue when we're back in England.

Monday, 7 February 2011


We went to Checkpoint Charlie and saw this remaining piece of the Berlin wall.
Very exciting.
Then went off to see a Nan Goldin exhibition which was great. Her work is always so
emotive and powerful.

The rest of the day I've just been chilling, doing some work.. Have a tutorial tomorrow and
haven't really organised my photos. Oh well.

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Had a really nice time last night - we went to a very dark and smoky "rockbar" that's open until
the last person leaves.
We got lost while trying to get to the bar, in the pouring rain, even though we had a map.
This morning wasn't as nice though. Note to self: don't use my phone when drunk.

We've had a lazy day today and haven't really done much. Went for a walk and went into this
really cool "underground" art gallery, with graffiti EVERYWHERE, rubbish and wmpty booze bottles.
The art in there was amazing, so I'm definitely going back there to buy some posters.

I have changed my idea again for my project, because I don't really want to put up a sign in the
middle of Berlin and stand there by myself for the whole day. I might get in trouble with the police as well.
But we'll see what I'm doing.
Going to the nan Goldin exhibition tomorrow, and will hopefully have a shoot with a model from ModelMayhem as well.

Saturday, 5 February 2011


Berlin is cool.
Haven't really seen much of the city yet, but I will.
I want to go to east Berlin.
I change my idea for my project all the time, but I think I've settled for
one idea now.
Just need to make a sign and buy a guestbook. Then I'm sorted.
Everyone's going out tonight - I'll see if I feel up to it.
I think I might come down with a fever.

Friday, 4 February 2011


Berlin today.

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Today we got our second brief for our self-directed project.. Really excited now!
Had lunch with Sanni which was nice - haven't hung out with her in aaaages,
my housemate got 12 months probation and £130 fine,
I'm going out with Nicole tonight and tomorrow I'm going to Berlin.

Good times.

Check it out!

She helped me out with the Artists Wanted competition by posting a whole blogpost with my images and a link to the competition - amazing! Check her blog out, it's really worth it!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Had a great shoot today with Rebeka whom I did my documentary project on and her function band at "Bar des Arts" in Guildford - amazing place, will definitely go back there.

Then I met Bianca briefly and then had dinner with Thom.

Don't have time to go into more detail, I need to go to my house and pack!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Oh hello frizzy hair and saucer eyes.

A day filled with bad news - but also some good ones.
Haven't done much other than having our first tutorial before the Berlin trip.
VERY excited now.
Everyone had very good ideas, and Berlin seems like a town that has everything.
So I won't get bored, that's for sure.

Has abyone of you ever been in Berlin and wants to share some information about the city? :)
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