Sunday, 6 February 2011


Had a really nice time last night - we went to a very dark and smoky "rockbar" that's open until
the last person leaves.
We got lost while trying to get to the bar, in the pouring rain, even though we had a map.
This morning wasn't as nice though. Note to self: don't use my phone when drunk.

We've had a lazy day today and haven't really done much. Went for a walk and went into this
really cool "underground" art gallery, with graffiti EVERYWHERE, rubbish and wmpty booze bottles.
The art in there was amazing, so I'm definitely going back there to buy some posters.

I have changed my idea again for my project, because I don't really want to put up a sign in the
middle of Berlin and stand there by myself for the whole day. I might get in trouble with the police as well.
But we'll see what I'm doing.
Going to the nan Goldin exhibition tomorrow, and will hopefully have a shoot with a model from ModelMayhem as well.

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