Wednesday, 16 February 2011


My last day as a sick person (I hope!)
Haven't done much today either, just concentrating on getting better.
Except for the walk to the garage with Thom (where today's image is from).

I'm feeling rather trapped. I want to do something that opens me up again.
See something new.
Get inspired and awed.
"None of these boys can dance
Not a single one of them stand a chance
All of them girls a mess
I've seen it all before, I'm not impressed

None of them get my sex
None of them move my intellect
None of them work for me
None of them make me feel anything

I'm so bored in this town
Take me away from here
Play some kind of new sound
Something true and sincere
I've got a little girl singing on repeat in my head

None of dem get my stance
None of dem do it like I can
None of these chicks got style
None of these drugs get me high

None of these beats are raw
None of these beats ever break the law
None of them kicks go boom
None of them bass lines fill the room"
(Robyn - None of Dem)

So true.

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