Thursday, 17 February 2011



Today has been a long, but satisfying day. Went in to uni early this morning to write a project
proposal, and then had a tutorial.. My tutor Always asks me to share my ideas last in a group tutorial.. No matter what direction he might go, clockwise or counterclockwise, he always changes direction when he gets to me. So I always have to sit there for longest and be nervous about speaking in front of people.

Anyway, needed to change my idea for the self directed project slightly, because my tutor said that since it's such a personal project that's mainly aimed for myself, it might get boring for others to watch. So I had to find a way to engage the audience. I think I came up with something good. Only time will tell.

Then I had a InDesign workshop which proved to be very useful - what an amazing tool for making your own books!

Very tired and hungry which left me in a bad mood when I came home, but that changed fast when I went through my emails, and saw that my image "Summer" had won Professional Photographer's 'Shoot the Catwalk/London Fashion Week Competition" !!! :D So now I get to go to Somerset House in London on Sunday to shoot the Jaeger London show! How amazing? VERY amazing.

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