Monday, 21 February 2011


Work work work. And some more work. The image above shows my Berlin images for the City Project.
I'm going through all my finished photos from both Berlin and London, laying them out on the floor to see which ones work together, what order they should be in, if I should mix them or keep them as a clear LONDON/BERLIN division etc.
Also trying to figure out a title.
Deadline is next monday, so this week is all about this project.


I have a shoot with designer Margo Chamberlain tomorrow - she designs the most beautiful hats, and now she's looking to sell them on her webiste (will link to her as soon as the images are up) so she put together this shoot with a agent represented model, and I got the honour to be the photographer. I'm very excited about this and think the images will look great when we're done!
She has about 20 hats that she wants me to photograph, so she's scheduled the shoot to 4 hours.

Me and Thom have also gone through our finances and have made a budget we need to follow very strict now! We have NO money at all :s
I'm gonna have to get a job ASAP and I'm also gonna try and sell some of my prints (if any of you are interested in buying one from my portfolio let me know!). I'm sure we'll be fine, it's just very stressful knowing that you don't have any money to live off.

Oh, and I went in to the college office today to speak to them about the (clear) mistake they've made: sending me a letter saying that I haven't handed in the studio project, so I now have to do a retake. Even though I handed it in, got slaughtered in the assessment, and then got my feedback sheet with the mark on it saying that I passed.
I showed them the feedback sheet and the letter they sent me, and they said that the unit leader had signed a letter saying that I didn't hand it in.. WTF?!
They said they would speak to him and that I should ignore the letter for now.. I hope they sort it out.

Anyway, I'm gonna go through some of the Catwalk photos now, and then go to sleep. Early start tomorrow!

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