Tuesday, 1 March 2011


from our "How to Research" workshop - my idea or theme for our Self Directed project is about identity, and will (hopefully) end up in a study about the differences between male and female thinking.

Holy crap!!! I'm SOOOO behind on blogging.. Sorry about that, but I have been ridiculusly busy with uni work, personal work and life..
But I promised myself to take some time off everyday to blog my 365 project and write stuff down for myself.. I have been taking photos, I just haven't had time to blog.

this day I woke up feeling really happy! The sun was shining, I had had a good night's sleep, and I was gonna go to Exeter the day after with Thom to meet his family and celebrate his 23rd birthday.
I had a workshop I had already done (again!) on researching, but actually managed to get something out of it. My mate filled me in on the latest drama in his house, and I have to say that i really don't want anything to do with it anymore - I had enough of it last year!

And then... Reality came back to get me, and money NEVER stops to be a problem for me.. Another one of my housemates is leaving the house, even though we have SO much to sort out, so many bills to pay, money has gone missing, misunderstandings, fights, tears.. It is so stressful, and something we really don't need ATM.

So the rest of that beautiful day turned into hell, so badly that I almost lost a friend and partner all in one day.

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