Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Bye Exeter, I hope I'll see you soon. We got invited to come again in the summer, to my excitement. I think I would love it there in the summer.

The train journey back was sooooooooo long, and it didn't help that 2 VERY annoying kids came and sat next to us for the last hour. Or, one of them switched places with Thom so she could sit next to the window, and the guy sat beside me on the outside. So they were talking across us. Very loudly about their dark minds and mental instability. But, how annoying it might've been, it was very interesting to listen to so I had to record some of their conversation. It's on my iphone. Might post it on a later date.

Thom turned 23 this day. I wish I could've given him something special, but it's hard to be a poor arts student nowadays.

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