Thursday, 3 March 2011


Trying out the uni's neg scanner for the first time - it's like magic!

A day late with this blog post (again!) but oh well. Yesterday was fun, and with the risk of sounding like a HUGE nerd, I have to say that the excitement and happiness I feel everytime the developed negative comes out from the C-41 machine is.. Amazing!!! I think this is because it feels like something homemade.. You have done everything yourself, and when the result is good.. That feeling is better than everything good in this world (almost).

We then went on to try the neg scanners for the first time, and those are just pure magic. We did almost break one of them though (ooops) but it survived (thank god!).

After that I went to the gym to sweat out some bad energy to give space for some creative thinking. And you know what? It worked! When I came back home I started to write the brief for my Self Directed project, and I got the best ideas ever and if everything goes as planned this project is going to be awesome!

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