Saturday, 5 March 2011


"You smell of weed."
"Weed? That's weird, because I had a dream last night that we were smoking a lot of weed. It was red."

It's good to have you back<3
I was planning on waking up early this morning so I would have the whole day to do work. And I did wake up early, but fell back to sleep again. It's weird, because I knew that Thom would be back in Farnham around 8.30 this morning, and without setting the alarm and not having my phone on I still woke up at 8.29. I think it's quite fascinating how the mind/body can, subconciously, know what time it is.
I was awake until he got back, and then fell back asleep again. I guess I still have to get used to, or allowing myself to, sleep in during the weekends without getting stressed over work.

I'm going to try to work for a few hours non stop and then meet up with Ozzie for a session at the gym.
Happy Saturday (It's my birthday tomorrow!!)

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