Sunday, 6 March 2011


Pancake Cake :D

So, a year older. And a year... Wiser?
Yeah, probably. After looking back a few years tonight I realised that I have changed a lot.
It doesn't feel like it, sometimes I think that I'm still 15..
It has been a good day, after all.
It didn't have a great start, but sometimes things gets mistaken and it doesn't always go as planned.
I did have an awesome lunch at Slug & Lettuce though, a nice coffee break and 20 minutes of sauna after that.
We then went back home for a nap and some pancake cake, and then off to the Albion for a couple of pints and a nice chat.

I am, btw, overwhelmed by all of the birthday wishes I've got today! Amazing. And I love THOMAS NORTHROP so much it's insane :)

Got a call from my dear aunt and grandmother today as well. It was nice. I think I miss home. Even Thom pointed out today that I've been speaking about Sweden quite a lot in the past few weeks. I haven't noticed, but I felt it today, Hencethe bad start, I think.

But thanks for a lovely 23rd birthday, I hope next year will be as amazing :)

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