Sunday, 13 March 2011


What a day this was.
I knew that something was coming, I haven't been in the best mood this week.
And it all came down like a bomb today. Or I just felt so tired and stressed that it seemed more serious than it really was.
But it kept me in a bad mood for hours nevertheless.

Had a good workout with Nicole and a nice dinner & movie at hers <3
It's weird how we never see eachother anymore.. We need to change that!


NatYau! said...

Bean Bean! I have to admit, I read your blog every week, and nearly every day. You take photographs of absolutely EVERYTHING and I love it!

But why so sad recently? :C

<3 <3 <3

S said...

Aw, thank you Myau! <3

I don't know, something happened on tuesday that i can't quite put my finger on, and since then I've been so tired and lifeless.. I think I need like a holiday or something, to get away for a while where I don't have to think about everything that's going on (uni work, house situation, other shit and so on).

I can't wait for easter (just like you said in your blog!)


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