Sunday, 13 March 2011


Fun times in the tube.

Had a brilliant night out in London!
Went in for 5pm to meet Thom at Waterloo. Then went off to Covent Garden and 'Foundation' to meet the 'Dear Ana' crew (Dear Ana is a film directed by Kayleigh Carroll, produced by Thomas Northrop and Sofia Lahmann and it's about anorexia. You all shoul click this link and donate. $2 is all you need to give - every penny counts!).

They were supposed to meet with the woman who gave them permission to have a fundraising event at 'Foundation' , but she wasn't there and none seemed to know who she was. Very strange and bizarre, but I suppose that you'll come across these things all the time when you work in the industry.
We got a free bottle of wine nonetheless, and then we moved on - the Fundraising event that turned into a pub crawl.

I had lots of fun (finally we got our night out in London that we've been talking about so long!) but got teally tired and emotional at the end of it, hehe.

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