Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The 365 project - Day 7

I went out for a run today in Farnham Park and got company in the shape of a roe deer - it was a little bit funny, because just before i got to the park I got an image in my head of a deer jumping out of a bush right in front of me, and then it happened.

Anyway, while I was running I started to think about where I am at with my photography career, and life in general, and I realised that I would've wanted to achieve so much more by this time in my life. It's silly to think like this as I still have the rest of my life to get where I want to be. But I feel so stressed when I see all these other photographers and artists that have just turned 18 and already travel around the world doing what they love, being sponsored by Canon, and with no money-problems.

They have worked bloody hard to get where they are, and I like to think that I also work BLOODY hard to get anywhere. I am NOT complaining about my life FYI, I am just saying that I need a breakthrough. I'm not just sitting and waiting for it, I am working everyday for it to come. So hopefully it will :)

These thoughts brought me back to June 2009 when I left Sweden to go on my first-ever holiday by myself. I went to Edinburgh (the city of my dreams!) and explored the city by myself. I had been there a couple of times before as my dad used to live and work there, but it was such a big step for me to do this all by myself as I used to be afraid of sitting in the school cafeteria and eat alone :p
And I miss that exciting time, when I'd got accepted into uni in England, and I wanted to try out how it would be to be in a city where I don't know anyone beforehand, and the anticipation and dreams of how everything would turn out to be.

And the great part is that I still remember that feeling of being somewhere new. You know when you go someplace, and how you perceived it then? I still remember how Farnham used to look to me when I didn't know my way around it.
And I need those memories, because at the moment I have a hard time getting excited about stuff. I don't know why. but I want to get excited again!

So today's photo is from when I went to Edinburgh in 2009, of a street musician I listened too for a little while.

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