Thursday, 7 July 2011

The 365 Project - Day 8

I am DEAD! Woke up early to start some editing of old photos that my aunt wanted to see of her beautiful children (see the photos here: ) because she wants to buy some prints! (If you want to buy some prints as well, email me at for prices and sizes).

Went to work for a couple of hours, it was pretty chill. Not busy at all, and we got a lot done.
And when I got back home I did a work out in my garden. I feel so stupid, I've lived in this house for almost a year and now when I'm moving in a month I realize that I don't have to walk up to the park to go for a run and a workout, I can just run a few laps around my block and do some strength in my GARDEN! Lol. It's good to be close to home when you're coming home late from work and you want to do a workout, I don't feel very safe running around in the park all alone late at night.

Please click the link and have a look. it's about racism in the UK, and we've entered it to Virgin Media Shorts. Please "like" the film on the Virgin Media site to help us win awesome prices!

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