Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Thoughts on the photography internet community

I have been stressing myself for years by thinking that I HAVE to update my blog/various portfolios online all the time to get anywhere with my photography; to build up a fanbase.
And it's true how far you can go from being active on the internet: you gain a broader audience quicker, you can enter competitions easily and get access to other people's work for inspiration.

But I have also been thinking of quitting my online-submissions completely for a while, and just take a break from the internet world and get inspiration from other things. Like real life, and really take the time to go through all my photos and analyze and criticise.

Because think about it, all the time that I spend on Facebook, deviantArt, blogging etc., is time that I could use for being out and taking photos, learning new stuff about my camera, go to exhibitions and just think things over in my own time instead of chasing constructive criticism from others.

I'll always use this space (the internet), because i think it's great that there's an easy and free way of getting noticed, but I've missed to just be alone with my thoughts and photos. I'm still going to write, but in a privet journal. And I'm also going to start to print out my photos and put in photo albums or make pretty books and sell, instead of trying to sell prints.

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