Friday, 22 July 2011

Wedding Photography

I really want to get in to wedding photography after seeing so many creative photographers doing what they do best at a wedding, and I just want to create, create, create!

The problem is though that all wedding photographers out there are looking for experienced assistants, and since I've never done a wedding before I'm not exactly suitable..
Where are all wedding photographers who might consider an unexperienced photographer as an assistant? Or even just let me come along and see how he/she's working, and try out a little bit of photography in the background?

The above photos are taken by Swedish photographer and one of my favourite artists Evelina Hultqvist (check out her website, her photography is amazing!).

I found these images on Eveline's blog, but neither her or me knows who took these wonderful wedding portraits - so, if anyone of you knows please let me know!

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