Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Happy days.

I love living in Guildford. Everything is so close; all the shops, all the restaurants, the train station, London (it only takes 30minutes by train to Waterloo!!). Went shopping yesterday for the first time since last August, and me and Thom are going to go into London tomorrow and first see the Diane Arbus exhibition at Tate Modern (and of course also pay a visit to their exceptional book store) and after that go to the Imperial War Museum. It will be a good day :)

We are keeping ourselves entertained the best we can as we still haven't got any Internet in our flat, and I have to admit that I think it's lovely! We've got so much done, and I feel more creative now than what I've felt in months! I'm currently reading a lot about Surrealism as it has always interested me, and my personal work always tend to be a bit surrealistic, just to have a reference for my future uni work. I'm also reading Freud's Dream Psychology, and it ties in a lot with Surrealism.

I'm preparing as much as possible for uni now, I can't wait to get all the new briefs and get busy creating again!

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