Thursday, 11 August 2011

London Calling!

So today me and Thom went into London to pay Tate Modern and the Imperial War Museum a visit.
At the Tate we saw the Diane Arbus exhibition, and her work is always inspiring in the way she portrays people - it's bald and very personal. It amazes me how close she actually got to her subjects.
We also saw 'Photography - New Documentary Forms' which also was interesting and very relevant to all the current political events and riots that's going on in the world.
And luckily for me the exhibition 'Poetry and Dream' ,which is devoted to the greatest surrealists of all time, was still showing. I saw some great paintings by artists I'm currently reading, and it was very inspiring to walk around such amazing art and read about the artists.

At the Imperial War Museum we walked around old army tanks, missiles and submarines, and even got to walk through a old plane! We also saw the Holocaust exhibition which was as sad, sickening and totally unbelievable as you can imagine. They showed a film of one of Hitler's speeches, and he was a VERY powerful man. But as always with men with too much power, they go crazy and abuse it to the fullest - they become insane with power, and see nothing but themselves as worthy. The scariest part of it all is that he truly and devotedly believed that he and his followers were the only people worth walking on this earth. Those who opposed him were vermin that should be dealt with in ways that kept them away forever.

The Imperial War Museum

New Documentary Forms

Diane Arbus (you should all watch the fictional portrait of her and her life. It's a film called "Fur" with Nicole Kidman as Diane).

Poetry and Dream exhibition. 'Sleeping Venus' by Paul Delvaux

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