Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Time to get serious.

With a full-time uni course to finish, a part-time job to keep, personal projects and all the other goodies that life brings (partner, family, friends, wine, SLEEP), the time has come where I have to keep reminding myself that I can't go to the pub every night, or watch movie after movie..

It is time to get serious! It is time to open up all the 100's of books we need to read, dust off the camera, excercise and sleep.

I feel ready and am very positive about this year, but! Already, hah. I guess it's just a matter of adjusting to getting up earlier and having things to do all the time, but it's tiring. AND it's getting dark faster now, and that doesn't help. So I'm stuffing myself with fruit smoothies and vitamines all the time, just to keep me going.
And now, as I said, it's time to start excercising as well. Because believe it or not, if you're feeling tired and don't think you can manage another hour of essay-research; go out for a run! Or a powerwalk. That will wake you up and get you going for another couple of hours. I promise :)

That's that, back to work.

The photo that I took for our summer project :)

Friday, 16 September 2011

It starts now!

First day in uni was interesting. I bought the biggest sketchbook for one of the units, so I'll start researching tonight (as I found all the unit handbooks on myUCA). Collected my work from last year which is now up on our walls in the livingroom - it almost looks like a gallery in here now with all my photos and photobooks :)

Had a brief chat with some of the lovely people I've missed all this summer (one of which is getting a feature on the blog soon because she's so lovely and supporting and inspiring and just an amazing person - Bobyn I love you!).

I'll try and finish off some photos from the chessboxing event tonight as well and post them on here and on my Facebook page ( ) :)

Thursday, 15 September 2011


I've had a VERY good day today: returned my printer and got a new one that works perfectly, had the best coffee and chat in ages with Bianca (I feel SO much better now after our little chat), made Thom a lovely dinner and gave him a present, went to the pub for open mic night and now just chill before uni tomorrow.

All I need now is a sunny holiday, and then I'll be ready to welcome the new academic year as a photography student!


Uni starts tomorrow, finally! Going to prepare for it today and exchange my new printer for another one, because the print head in the one i've got now is broken, and I'm also going to buy some new sketchbooks and start reasearching :)
I'm meeting Bianca soon for a coffee to discuss some business ;) - that should be good for both our creativity and wallets!

I'm getting a lot of requests for paid photoshoots from people as well, which is good! I finally feel like I have all the right to charge for my photography, especially if people are asking me.

I'm trying my best to come back to life after a year of closing myself in - it's tough as people aren't that willing to understand why I did it, and in a way I can understand them.. I hope they will understand though, I don't think that any of us are prepared to lose one another.

Anyway, a lot of projects are coming my way and it feels good to get busy with photography again! Still editing photos from last weekends chessboxing match, but will hopefully be able to show yo some photos at the end of today :)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Uni hasn't even started yet but I'm already stressing about EVERYTHING; marks, certain people, money, ideas etc.
I am one step ahead though as I've already started researching for our new units, planning some shoots for ideas I have, buying sketchbooks and notepads and a new external harddrive - it's mainly the people-part that bugs me the most.
After living here for 2 years I've had some pretty rotten people around me, and now when I've finally decided to take them out of my life I'm a little bit worried that it's going to backfire.. It's not that I don't think that I made the right decision, it's the fact that those people are so immature and probably will shit-talk me to other people - that's what worries me! I'm trying not to think about it, and not to let them bother me, but it's quite hard in such a small town.

What I'll try to do though is to concentrate on my uni work and personal projects - and the people that I actually love and like to be around! :)

Friday, 2 September 2011

This summer project that I should be doing...

Isn't going all that well..

I need to "re-create" another photo/still from a film/painting/album cover etc... Might sound easy, but there are som much to choose from! And I have had NO time to even begin to think about it.
I have a few images in mind though, but now I have about 2 weeks left to do them and that feels like an awful small amount of time.

I should just do it I guess. But all my projects seems to be too big for the time-span I have, and my economy just isn't enough.
Thom has got a job now though, YAY, with me at Subway! So that should give us some extra money to spend each month :))))) And if I manage to sell some of my books on Blurb, that'll give me some extra cash as well for all my projects!
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