Thursday, 15 September 2011


Uni starts tomorrow, finally! Going to prepare for it today and exchange my new printer for another one, because the print head in the one i've got now is broken, and I'm also going to buy some new sketchbooks and start reasearching :)
I'm meeting Bianca soon for a coffee to discuss some business ;) - that should be good for both our creativity and wallets!

I'm getting a lot of requests for paid photoshoots from people as well, which is good! I finally feel like I have all the right to charge for my photography, especially if people are asking me.

I'm trying my best to come back to life after a year of closing myself in - it's tough as people aren't that willing to understand why I did it, and in a way I can understand them.. I hope they will understand though, I don't think that any of us are prepared to lose one another.

Anyway, a lot of projects are coming my way and it feels good to get busy with photography again! Still editing photos from last weekends chessboxing match, but will hopefully be able to show yo some photos at the end of today :)

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