Friday, 2 September 2011

This summer project that I should be doing...

Isn't going all that well..

I need to "re-create" another photo/still from a film/painting/album cover etc... Might sound easy, but there are som much to choose from! And I have had NO time to even begin to think about it.
I have a few images in mind though, but now I have about 2 weeks left to do them and that feels like an awful small amount of time.

I should just do it I guess. But all my projects seems to be too big for the time-span I have, and my economy just isn't enough.
Thom has got a job now though, YAY, with me at Subway! So that should give us some extra money to spend each month :))))) And if I manage to sell some of my books on Blurb, that'll give me some extra cash as well for all my projects!

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