Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Time to get serious.

With a full-time uni course to finish, a part-time job to keep, personal projects and all the other goodies that life brings (partner, family, friends, wine, SLEEP), the time has come where I have to keep reminding myself that I can't go to the pub every night, or watch movie after movie..

It is time to get serious! It is time to open up all the 100's of books we need to read, dust off the camera, excercise and sleep.

I feel ready and am very positive about this year, but! Already, hah. I guess it's just a matter of adjusting to getting up earlier and having things to do all the time, but it's tiring. AND it's getting dark faster now, and that doesn't help. So I'm stuffing myself with fruit smoothies and vitamines all the time, just to keep me going.
And now, as I said, it's time to start excercising as well. Because believe it or not, if you're feeling tired and don't think you can manage another hour of essay-research; go out for a run! Or a powerwalk. That will wake you up and get you going for another couple of hours. I promise :)

That's that, back to work.

The photo that I took for our summer project :)


Sérgio said...

Did your idea for this photo come from The Phantom of the Opera. I don't know why, but the second I looked at it, that was my first thought.

S said...

no from Nosferatu :)

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