Saturday, 22 October 2011

Featured on IdeasTap website

So IdeasTap just featured me in one of their articles with these lovely words:

"Beyond collective events, there is a whole host of dedicated members demonstrating – through their portfolios – creative, compelling photography. There’s enough quality here to keep any photography fan surfing the site for weeks. Here are some highlights:
First, Sabina Hannila weighs in with an impressive 19,501 activity points. Her portfolio demonstrates as broad a range as one could hope for from a photographer, from headshots to conceptual work to documentary. Her depiction of London through refections - in glass, puddles, car windows - is a simple idea with a stunning outcome."

A very happy surprise -something I badly needed today :)

Friday, 21 October 2011


i am completely exhausted.
i haven't had the time to take care of myself in so long.
all of my projects and essays seems to be going nowhere.
i am trapped in a weird state of mind and i can't seem to get out.
i hate my job.
i have become one of those people who only works for the money because i need it
so that i will be able to do what i love and yet comes out feeling nothing.
i am exhausted and frustrated and empty.

i want so bad to keep up to all the standards i've set up for myself and others,
but it seems to just bite me in the butt.
and it angers me that i overwork myself and still don't feel the satisfaction that i need and want.


nothing but ranting. and crying. and screaming. and self-pity.
pathetic, that's what it is.


when is life ever going to run smooth, only for a while? enough for me to pick myself up again...
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