Saturday, 31 December 2011

Some 2011-flashbacks

I haven't really done anything like this before, but since 2011 was a very strange year with lotsof good and bad things happening I thought it was a good idea to kind of look back at it all andmake new solutions and wishes for 2012.

1. My Work

I started the year by winning a competition that Professional Photographer Magazine held, andgot the chance to go to London Fashion Week and photograph the Jaeger LondonSpring/Summer 2011 show which was fun and insightful. I realised that it's nothing that I wouldlike to pursue a career in, but it was a very good experience and good for my portfolio.

I did a lot of other commissioned shoots for various people (designers, singers, companies etc.),and earned a few dollars which is always good and welcome, but most importantly I got moreexperience and an expanded portfolio. I especially enjoyed the shoot for London ChessboxingClub as I'd never been to a boxing match before and I got some really nice photos from it. I alsogot the chance to shoot my first wedding, after which I again realised that it's not something Iwant to do again in the future, but it paid me good and I enjoy the result.

My friends from Shallow Sense used 3 of my photos for their new album which I was very happyabout as their music is great! Check them out here

I made my debut as a cinematographer for our film Delays Expected which was a funexperience.

And I did lots of personal shoots as well during 2011 (mostly with Nicole as my model) and a fewuni projects which I am very pleased with.

2. Other stuff that happened!

We went to Berlin with uni for a study trip! It was an experience, but not for me. Maybe if I gothere again with my heart in it I might change my mind.

We had lots and lots of BBQ's!

I started working at Subway.

I visited Exeter for the first time!

We had a major drama in our house, and the police was involved and it was all very weird.

So me and Thom packed our bags and moved to Guildford!

Nicole came and visited us in our new flat!

And me and Thom also celebrated 2 years together <3

My lovely friend Madeleine came to stay with us for a week as well!

And last but not least, I spent Christmas and now New Year's away from Sweden and my family for the first time EVER. It has been a bit sad and I've been very homesick, but I have been enjoying my time away from "reality" with Thom for a few weeks. LOVE!

That was my 2011. I am hoping for a 2012 with lots of new opportunities and happiness. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


How do I find the courage to get where I want to be? How do I let those fears that holds me back, go? There seems to be an neverending line of obstacles that I never seem to get through..

Opportunity after opportunity springs up, but there is ALWAYS something that keeps me from taking it.

I keep on working hard, and I take some chances, but it NEVER seems to be good enough.

I feel like a caged bird.. Money, time, a never ending flow of inspiration..
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