Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 7 & 8 Project 1

Here are yesterday's and today's photos, as I was working all day yesterday and went straight home to Bianca and Chris after work with Thom for some wine and to watch a 2012-documentary. We had such a great time and I even got to see Bianca tap-dance :O !!! She's SO good at it. We took a taxi home, and the taxi driver had some SUPER sour sweets that he gave us.. DISGUSTING! He laughed his ass off at my facil-expressions..

I took no photos whilst being at B's, but I took some detail-photos of our flat and a couple of portraits of Thom.

Today has been as lazy as a Sunday should be. I love that I no longer work Sundays, I get the time to just relax and do nothing. But tomorrow when my loan comes through I'll go and sign up for the gym, so that in the future I can wake up early and do my Sunday gym-sessions; it'll be good to be back in the gym :)

Me and Thom have plans on moving to Vancouver, Canada after my graduation next year, as it is THE place to be as a film maker and artist. I'm really excited about it, as I can't be in one place too long, and from there we can travel over to America easily.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Day 6 Project 1

I tried a new iPhone app last night called "Relax" and it's basically a relaxation-programme (you know "get aware of your feet, imagine that they are relaxing, move up through your knees and thighs" and so on), when we were in bed and ready to sleep and it really works! I had such a good nights sleep (which I haven't had in AGES) and felt so well-rested and energetic this morning.
I did it today as well while Thom were at the gym, and had a nice little power-nap :)

We went in to town today to take some photos and to just get out. I was planning on doing some 2012-work when i got back home, like updating the blog and read some more in the books I bought over Christmas, but that never happened. So I feel a little disappointed in myself, but I guess I need to allow myself to just relax and do nothing at least one day a week.

Here are today's photos:

it's weird how I, even though i've only lived in guildford for a couple of months, i don't feel that I can be as creative in the town where I live as I can be somewhere new. we always get homeblind of course, and we take 'home' for granted (but sometimes that can also be an advantage for your creativity, if you flip it around), but as I said, i've only lived here for a couple of months, so my "home-creativity" and exploring-phase should still be fresh. Like, when I was in exeter over christmas I felt that everything I was photographing was interesting and relevant, but now when i'm back home my photographs just feels so boring.
I guess it's my urge of moving around and the need to change location often that's playing tricks in the back of my head.. and I guess I should try and take this creativity-drought to my advantage and make something good and interesting from it. if I can.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 5 Project 1

My house-husband and the sweetest person in the world was preparing food for me when I came home from work today :D And yesterday he bought a mop and cleaned the whole flat! (Guess how happy I was).

And on top of that, he was wearing a shirt and smart trousers - VERY nice <3


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 4 Project 1

Only images today :)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day 3 Project 1

It was our last morning in Exeter today, and we took the train back home in the afternoon. It has been so nice and relaxing to be away from work and our damp and cold flat for two weeks but it's kind of nice to be back home :)

Anyway, we woke up to a huge storm today and it felt like our house was under water! And the winds were so strong that people almost fell on to the rails on Exeter station.. I think the storms that Sweden has had recently have "finally" reached England.

My pretty lover :)

Everything was breaking because of the wind, and when we got back to Guildford the roads were blocked because of a tree that had fallen down.

I'm going back to work tomorrow and I can't say that I'm looking forward to it.. I've gotten used to having all this spare time now and it feels so good! I need the money of course but I'd rather have all my spare time to do photography-related things.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Day 2 of the 1st project!

I forced Thom out of bed early this morning to go for a walk (hehe) as a start of our new and healthy life. It felt good, and we had a nice breakfast after wards.
(click on the images to see them in a larger size)

Later on in the afternoon we went in to town for a coffee and to pay a visit to the Exeter Cathedral. It's a huge and a thousand (!!!) year old building. It was so pretty, and they had guide books in Swedish ;D

A photo of me by Thom :)

Tomorrow I'll also have a interview with Thom to accompany the images :)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Day 1 of the 1st project!

We have not been doing anything else but sleeping and watching TV today, and it has been incredibly relaxing and nice to allow ourselves to do that (we rarely get a chance to).
The only effort we've made was to walk to King Kebab to get some food, and so that I could take some photos of Thom to start off the project which simply includes taking one or more photos of Thom every day for a month.
I decided to do new projects each month this year, so hopefully I'll have a nice and big collection of photos at the end of the year.
I won't promise that I'll stick to the "rules" with the projects though, as I will be very busy with both uni and work and probably won't have time to do them all.
But I will try.

Anyway, here's today's work which turned into a little mini-series.
Enjoy, and as usual, please leave your comments :)

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