Sunday, 1 January 2012

Day 1 of the 1st project!

We have not been doing anything else but sleeping and watching TV today, and it has been incredibly relaxing and nice to allow ourselves to do that (we rarely get a chance to).
The only effort we've made was to walk to King Kebab to get some food, and so that I could take some photos of Thom to start off the project which simply includes taking one or more photos of Thom every day for a month.
I decided to do new projects each month this year, so hopefully I'll have a nice and big collection of photos at the end of the year.
I won't promise that I'll stick to the "rules" with the projects though, as I will be very busy with both uni and work and probably won't have time to do them all.
But I will try.

Anyway, here's today's work which turned into a little mini-series.
Enjoy, and as usual, please leave your comments :)


Anonymous said...

bean! you're photographs are beautiful.

S said...

Thank you! <3

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