Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day 3 Project 1

It was our last morning in Exeter today, and we took the train back home in the afternoon. It has been so nice and relaxing to be away from work and our damp and cold flat for two weeks but it's kind of nice to be back home :)

Anyway, we woke up to a huge storm today and it felt like our house was under water! And the winds were so strong that people almost fell on to the rails on Exeter station.. I think the storms that Sweden has had recently have "finally" reached England.

My pretty lover :)

Everything was breaking because of the wind, and when we got back to Guildford the roads were blocked because of a tree that had fallen down.

I'm going back to work tomorrow and I can't say that I'm looking forward to it.. I've gotten used to having all this spare time now and it feels so good! I need the money of course but I'd rather have all my spare time to do photography-related things.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos as always.

S said...

Thank you very much :)

Anonymous said...

what anonymous said! pure beauteous! xb

S said...

Why thank you lovely xxx

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