Friday, 6 January 2012

Day 6 Project 1

I tried a new iPhone app last night called "Relax" and it's basically a relaxation-programme (you know "get aware of your feet, imagine that they are relaxing, move up through your knees and thighs" and so on), when we were in bed and ready to sleep and it really works! I had such a good nights sleep (which I haven't had in AGES) and felt so well-rested and energetic this morning.
I did it today as well while Thom were at the gym, and had a nice little power-nap :)

We went in to town today to take some photos and to just get out. I was planning on doing some 2012-work when i got back home, like updating the blog and read some more in the books I bought over Christmas, but that never happened. So I feel a little disappointed in myself, but I guess I need to allow myself to just relax and do nothing at least one day a week.

Here are today's photos:

it's weird how I, even though i've only lived in guildford for a couple of months, i don't feel that I can be as creative in the town where I live as I can be somewhere new. we always get homeblind of course, and we take 'home' for granted (but sometimes that can also be an advantage for your creativity, if you flip it around), but as I said, i've only lived here for a couple of months, so my "home-creativity" and exploring-phase should still be fresh. Like, when I was in exeter over christmas I felt that everything I was photographing was interesting and relevant, but now when i'm back home my photographs just feels so boring.
I guess it's my urge of moving around and the need to change location often that's playing tricks in the back of my head.. and I guess I should try and take this creativity-drought to my advantage and make something good and interesting from it. if I can.

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