Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 7 & 8 Project 1

Here are yesterday's and today's photos, as I was working all day yesterday and went straight home to Bianca and Chris after work with Thom for some wine and to watch a 2012-documentary. We had such a great time and I even got to see Bianca tap-dance :O !!! She's SO good at it. We took a taxi home, and the taxi driver had some SUPER sour sweets that he gave us.. DISGUSTING! He laughed his ass off at my facil-expressions..

I took no photos whilst being at B's, but I took some detail-photos of our flat and a couple of portraits of Thom.

Today has been as lazy as a Sunday should be. I love that I no longer work Sundays, I get the time to just relax and do nothing. But tomorrow when my loan comes through I'll go and sign up for the gym, so that in the future I can wake up early and do my Sunday gym-sessions; it'll be good to be back in the gym :)

Me and Thom have plans on moving to Vancouver, Canada after my graduation next year, as it is THE place to be as a film maker and artist. I'm really excited about it, as I can't be in one place too long, and from there we can travel over to America easily.

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