Friday, 6 July 2012

Dawlish Warren (and the old Pirate caves) and Millennium Images

I haven't posted here since January, but I decided that I'll start again, just so that I have somewhere else to post my photo-series rather than on Facebook! (And I'm also planning on linking this blog to my portfolio at some point).

Me and T have now moved out from our mouse/mould/ant/spider-infested and non-insulated flat in Guildford and are temporarily residing at his dad's house in Exeter. Devon is a lovely place and I always feel inspired when I'm here; I wake up to the sound of seagulls and the fresh smell of the sea every morning, and they serve the best coffee ever down by the river.
What inspires me most is that I can walk around here and always find something new and interesting - I am constantly finding new places to photograph, and it's like my photographic eye resets itself and sees the world in a whole other way.

When we were here in May we went over to Exmouth to take a walk on the beach, and I came home with a lovely set of images that now have been accepted to be sold onto companies and organisations worldwide by Millennium Images (along with 26 other photographs of mine). This is so amazing, and I'm so happy to now have signed a three-year contract with them!

Because I love the sea so much, and because T knows of this amazing place called Dawlish Warren just 10 minutes from Exeter, we decided to take the train over there today for a small hike and some photos. It was a beautiful walk along the sea side, and we had to hurry to get to the other side of the walk so that we wouldn't get swallowed by the tide!
We went up this old rock with underwater caves, that Pirates and smugglers used back in the days! It was so cool and fascinating, and we decided to go on a roadtrip in the future around Devon and Cornwall to have a look at all the old Pirate rocks :)

Other than that, I am very happy about going back home to Sweden next saturday! I haven't been home in a year and a half, so it's about time. Me and T will be staying there for about 5 weeks, and it's going to be amazing! I've also taken up my exercising again which feels very good, and I must say that iPhone apps is the best thing!!! They give you easy workouts that you can do wherever and whenever, and it's either free or £2 each.. So much cheaper and easier than the gym. Lovelovelove.

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