Saturday, 18 August 2012


it's the end of summer and as usual I feel anxious and nervous about starting a new year at uni. this is the final year though, so this will be the last time i'll feel like this. it's a bit stupid because i know that everything will be alright as soon as i set foot in the lecture hall, but i'm always worried about meeting everyone again - don't ask me why! (because i have no idea).

i've been feeling a bit lost throughout the whole summer, mostly because of some changes in my social life that needed to be done. i haven't been very happy in myself or with my life recently, and i figured out that some changes were necessary. it was very hard and i've felt so low about it (and still do), but i know that it will benefit me in the long run.

this time in my life is very confusing anyway, since i have to start thinking about my future and what i want to do and so on. what i definitely need to do is to work on my social skills. i SUCK at it. i don't know how to approach people, and i'm scared that everything i say will sound horrible and i'm just an overall insecure person. and that isn't a quality i want to get stuck in for the rest of my life! even though i suck at being social i need to have a social life to be happy. i also need a lot of time to myself. some people don't understand that which makes it harder for me to work towards a lifestyle that i need for myself.

health and well-being is something that has been a big priority for me this summer. i'm working with a lot of yoga and raw food-ideas to keep my body and mind balanced. it has also helped me understand that we all have bad days and will feel like i do now at some point throughout our lives. you just need to stick through it and keep moving.

hard work. but i will make it. i want to graduate next year and feel good about myself and knowing that i'll have a few good friends from it as well.

here are some instagram photos from my life over the summer:


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