Friday, 14 September 2012


Even though my first year of uni was quite a bad experience, I still get flashbacks from it very often and somehow feel happily nostalgic over the memories. I wish I could go back three years and tell myself to document everyday and every emotion in pictures and in writing. I wish I could go back 10 years and tell myself that to be honest. It would be interesting to remember all those small details of your life that doesn't seem very important at the time, but that would make so much sense right now.

I sometimes want to start a new university course at some other uni, just to re-live the whole experience, but I know that it's never going to be the same. But sometimes I wish I would've done things differently those first few months of living in England. I think my situation would've been very different then.

Don't get me wrong though, I am very happy with my life as it is now (but I still have dreams and ambitions to do other things of course - don't worry, I'm not going to stay in the same place forever!), but I'm just curious as the rest of us about what could have been.

I have spent this week trying to figure out what it is that I want to do for my final projects. I think I have subconsciously saved my full potential for this last year, as I want these projects to be as great and compelling as it ever could be. And I think I have my final ideas sorted. I always come up with ideas and I start working on them; but then I feel self-conscious about them and start doing something else instead. And that never works out. So this time I've told myself to believe in my projects (because they are GOOD enough) and just stick with them. Not doubt my ability to create an awesome project and don't listen to the tutors if they tell me that I need to do something I don't want to do.
I think that's the winning equation.

And that's that. I'm going to get ready for the gym now and later have a nice bowling-date with my man.

Happy Friday everyone! xxx

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Autumn air

It's a crisp and cold morning here in Devon. The sun has just broken through the grey clouds and the seagulls have woken up. It's not long now before all the leafs will fall from their place and we will have to warm up with ginger, warm socks and scarves <3

I'm relaxed with a cup of coffee and a scented candle in front of the computer screen, reading about partial analogies and the experimental individual. My dissertation is far from ready but I'm finally starting to feel that I'm getting somewhere.

I feel unusually happy and content today. I'm not having nightmares as much and I don't feel anxious or nervous. I know that it might come back with the darkness, but for now I'm going to enjoy this peaceful state of mind.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, 10 September 2012


I was going to rant about selfish and horrible "friends" that don't even deserve to be called friends anymore, but decided not to. The reason for that is that there are so many other beautiful people in my life that deserves all my energy.

It's harder to blog about love without sounding cheesy and pretentious I find, but I guess that's just because people are more interested in reading about drama and love to smile about other people's misfortunes. 

But I don't really care. I love the few REAL friends I have, and I should really get better at telling them how lucky I am to have them. And my amazing boyfriend who always tries his best to make me smile on all the days I feel horrible and angry, and my family who's always trying to support me in any way they can.

This might be a very generic "I love you -post" and not very interesting to read, but it needs to be here. 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Wedding party

Here's a few photos from last night's wedding party!

Amazing location, luxury loos (I'm not even joking, the toilets were HIGH CLASS), nice food and lots of love in the air :)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Getting ready for tonight!

I put my new eye mask from The Body Shop in the freezer for 10 minutes and had it on for 10 minutes to get the swelling down - worked like a charm! :)

Now I'm off to the shower for some well-needed beauty treatments before heading off to a wedding party with Thomas.

Remember that you can vote for me by clicking this link until the end of October :)

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!



This blog really needs to come to life again.

I'm sitting here in my room this grey morning in my gym-clothes contemplating on whether I should go to the gym, take a 30-minute power walk or not do anything at all! I'm feeling a bit stressed at the moment as we have to have time to get in to town before 5pm as we're leaving for a wedding party at 5.20pm. But I know that I'll feel a lot less stressed if I exercise. I just need to overcome my inner lazy-ass-self. I really wish I had a PT to scream in my face everytime I come up with a lame excuse not to exercise.

On the photography side of things: this summer has been rather successful I must say. I started the summer with signing a contract with Millennium Images UK, which hasn't led to any sales yet but you never know! The main thing with that was that I got to feel happy about being considered a 'up and coming contemporary photographer'.
After that I received an email from Artists Wanted who wanted to publish one of my photos in their upcoming publication 'Art Takes Times Square', as a follow-up from a competition they held earlier this year; my work was also shown in their exhibition on Times Square which was pretty cool!
In conjunction with that I got another offer to be published in I.C.A Publishing's 5th volume of 'International Contemporary Artists' - I sent them a few photos that I would like to feature in the book, and they got accepted! Here's what my spread will look when the book comes out this November:

And the latest achievement was to be chosen as one of 14 contestants from a few hundred submissions to compete for a place in the finals of 'The Next Artspace Artist'. I ranked 8th in the end with 129 votes - pretty cool!! 

I am now also competing for a $10,000 grant and a Solo Exhibition at SCOPE Miami in Artists Wanted's latest competition 'Art Takes Miami'. Who wouldn't want that?! I'm also collecting votes for the People's Choice Awards, so make sure that you go in and have a look at my work and click vote :)

That's pretty much it. Now all I'm doing is trying to live as healthy and active as possible, and waiting for my final year of uni to start. I'm living in Devon this semester and will be commuting up to Surrey when I have to be in for lectures and workshops, and I'm a little bit worried about how that will work out... I'm sure it'll be fine, I just don't want to stress as much as I did last year.

So I should probably go to the gym now shouldn't I? To push myself a little bit. OR, take a power walk in to town and back?! There's a LOT of uphills on the way there, so I'm bound to get my heart rate up. That sounds like a much more time-efficent plan. And next time wake up earlier so that I have time to go to the gym without feeling stressed.
I know I'm going to be disappointed with myself, BUT, my PT ordered me to have at least 1-2 rest-days a week. So maybe I shouldn't feel so guilty.... AH, see ya later!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Art Takes Miami

Sabina Hannila

The above link takes you to my portfolio-entry for Artists Wanted's latest competition 'Art Takes Miami' ; I would appreciate it if you could spare a few seconds to click it, click 'vote' and then sign in with your Facebook account to give me a chance to win the People's Choice Award :)

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